Tesla Roadster will fly? Thanks to SpaceX technology! Elon Musk tweet

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Tesla Roadster will fly? Thanks to SpaceX technology! Elon Musk tweet

Elon Musk: A version of Tesla Roadster will fly thanks to SpaceX technology


Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk is often affectionately referred to as a super villain for his abstract thinking and do-anything attitude. Musk further solidified his outside-of-the-box approach to the auto industry by saying that Tesla will make its upcoming Roadster hover above the ground - or "something" like that.

Elon Musk: Replace petroleum-powered cars with electric Teslas. Build a city on Mars with SpaceX.

the CEO Elon Musk replied to a tweet that featured an image of a Back to the Future-esque floating DMC.

In this video, Engineering Today will discuss about Tesla flying car. What is it? How does it work? “How SpaceX option” package to be offered as an upgrade for the new Roadster?

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk might not think too highly of flying cars, but hopping and hovering cars?

Responding with a tweet comment in a thread lauding Tesla’s impressive technology improvements over the years,  to all the potential fun when first Tesla Roadster test drives begin in a presumed 2020.

Tesla is trying to bring the vehicle to market. He's got to be kidding. Surely Musk wouldn't think about stuffing rocket thrusters in a car, right?

Apparently, he's serious. Musk had mentioned before that the Roadster was going to get some sort of "SpaceX" option package that would feature rocket thrusters on the car. In fact, he said it would be "out of this world". 

Looking back at a tweet from last summer explains just how Musk plans on having the Tesla and SpaceX teams arrange for the hovering to take place.  Musk’s descriptions of flying car dangers expressed in the past:

More importantly, the question of road legality comes into play. It's not like one can pull a technicality card like Musk did to circumvent his agreement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Just how could Tesla get away with putting a floating car into production? Musk's answer: it's probably not legal, but let's try it anyway since nobody has thought to outlaw it yet.

Regardless if the Roadster does get the ability to float or not, it's spec'd to be an impressive machine. With 600 miles of alleged range and the ability to run the quarter mile in under nine seconds, the Roadster is sure to become the envy of many supercar manufacturers. If this feature somehow does manage to reach production, maybe we'll look back at this at some point in the future as being the introduction of the flying car, or perhaps this is just another case Musk flying too close to the sun.


Tesla enthusiasts have been familiarized by Musk for some time now with his and the company’s plans for a “SpaceX option” package to be offered as an upgrade for the new Roadster. 

Musk is adamant on keeping Tesla's vehicle's electrified in every way. Instead, they will expel highly pressurized air, which won't be as efficient as an actual rocket thruster.

The SpaceX label on the Roadster option package is not just a nod to rocket thrusters. In SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket to pressurize propellant tanks in order to maintain their shape during flight.

The types of fuel containers used by SpaceX’s first-stage rocket boosters during re-entry and landing.

Though, a failed COPV was to blame in SpaceX's 2016 rocket explosion after it failed to maintain proper shape.

Musk has also clarified that, if used, these COPV bottles would contain ultra-high pressure air that would “immediately be replenished whenever the vehicle pack power draw allowed operation of the air pump, which is most of the time.”

The SpaceX option is selected to make room for rocket thrusters – or at least their hardware.


Musk is not alone in his pursuit of flying vehicles.

However, Musk's own The Boring Company, which is currently digging tunnels under Los Angeles, communicates skepticism: "To alleviate traffic... one option is to 'go up' with flying cars. However, flying cars have issues with weather, noise, and generally increase anxiety levels of those below them.


Only Tesla doesn’t have to do that. We’ll just have to get by with Musk’s Twitter feed and the occasional company announcement, some way, some how.

If Tesla delivers on the rest of the specs, the car will already be crazy enough to take away the “halo effect” away from gas-powered cars, which is apparently Elon’s goal with the new Roadster.

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