The 2nd Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Winter School (DLAI 2)

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วันที่โพสต์ :  30 พ.ย. 2561

The 2nd Deep Learning and 
Artificial Intelligence Winter School (DLAI 2)

10 - 13 Dec 2018, KX Building, Bangkok, Thailand

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The concept of deep learning (DL) has been known in the neural network community for many years already. With the onset of more powerful computing facilities, especially the prevalence of graphical processing units (GPUs), DL has been applied successfully and effectively in many state-of-the-art applications including computer vision, speech recognition, object detection, drug discovery, and so on. DL basically uses deep neural network architecture with multiple layers to represent data with increasing abstraction and may be applied to supervised, unsupervised, as well as reinforcement learning. It is one of the fastest growing field of AI research. 

The Deep Learning and AI (DLAI) Winter School is catered to all interested students, engineers, researchers, and administrators who may have some basic knowledge of machine learning and AI. With the successful inaugural DLAI back on Feb 1-4, 2018, we are pleased to be able to offer the 2nd DLAI this year. The venue is at the Knowledge Exchange (KX) Building and the dates are on December 10-13, 2018. The Sixth Joint Symposium on Computational Intelligence (JSCI6), organized by the IEEE-CIS Thailand Chapter, as well as at least one Industry Session, will be held concurrently with DLAI. 

As there may be limited seating available at the venue, priorities will be given to IEEE Members, APNNS Members, INNS Members, those who have made a submission to the collocated conferences IAIT2018 and CSBio2018, which are held during the same period, and paid registrants of DLAI. Several Public Sessions are available free to all, including IEEE-CIS Distinguished Lecture Talks and Workshops by Nvidia. 

The DLAI Winter School will cover many aspects of deep learning with several talks by world renowned researchers in form of lectures/tutorials/workshops and 2 panel sessions which will cover the most active current topics in DL and AI. 

The proposed Panel Sessions: 
1) Advances in Deep Learning - Capsule Network vs CNN vs RNN vs GAN.

2) AI and Brain-like Learning Systems - Alternate learning systems and shallow networks, etc. 

The participants are invited to join in hackathon sessions with specific datasets. In fact, participants are encouraged to submit their dataset for consideration in one or more of the following hackathon themes: 

1) Finance - Financial Engineering, FinTech, etc. 

2) Biomedical and Biotechnology - Medical, Clinical, Health, Bioinformatics, Biopharmaceutical 

3) Robotics/Machine Intelligence/Assistive Technologies - Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Machine Translation, etc. 

4) The Web/Social Media/IoT/Cybersecurity 

5) Education - MOOC, e-Learning, etc. 

6) Industry - Manufacturing, Services, Processes such as CRM, SCM, etc. 

7) Government and Societal Issues - Thailand 4.0, Environment, Climate, etc.

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